MAGVA inspires, supports and galvanizes musicians who want to see the end of gun violence in America. Whatever their political persuasion or national heritage, color or creed, artists everywhere have a fervent desire to lend their voices and their instruments to this increasingly vital cause — but so many of them don’t know where or how to make their music matter.

New York City-based MAGVA works closely with leading local and national organizations in the anti-gun violence movement. With the goal of enhancing and supporting their activities in legislative, educational and awareness-building arenas, we help these organizations to create and develop projects and events with music at the heart of the message. We make introductions and facilitate collaborations between musicians and anti-gun violence advocates, while helping to develop concepts — from videos and musical underlays to commemorative compositions and live events.

The founders of MAGVA enjoy close relationships with the world’s leading musicians and arts organizations – from opera singers, instrumentalists, ensembles and composers to orchestras, festivals, concert presenters and arts foundations. By forging relationships and adding a creative impetus, MAGVA aims to provide a musical voice to the various platforms and media channels of the anti-gun violence movement, lending music to the message — and musicians to the cause — of lessening and ending gun violence in America.

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“In a sense, songs are the soul of a movement.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

“Part of my faith and hope in America is not that we achieve a perfect union, but that we get better. And we can do better than we’re doing right now, if we come together.”
-– President Barack Obama

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