Pop-up concerts needed for Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

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ATTN: Pop-Up concerts needed from the Grand Canyon to the Golden Gate Bridge, Virginia Tech to Provincetown, Mass., the Motown Museum to Strawberry Fields 

Who: Musicians Against Gun Violence. Solo. Or a duo, an ensemble, an orchestra.

What: Pop-up publicity concerts to call attention to the “Concert Across America to End Gun Violence.”

When: Any time in your time zone, starting at sunrise on Wednesday, Sept 21 to sunset on Sunday, Sept. 25.

Where: At any recognizable national landmark or otherwise significant location.

Why: To call attention to America’s gun violence epidemic in this crucial presidential election.

How: Bring a friend (or several) to videotape you on a smart phone (horizontal view), then upload to social media using these hashtags:

  • #RememberSept25
  • #ConcertAcrossAmerica
  • #EndGunViolence

Tag your local U.S. Senator and Congressman too.

Music:  Please perform at least 3 songs or pieces:

  • “Amazing Grace”
  • 2 short songs or pieces of your choice

Please email us details of where and when you expect to perform:

For more info on the “Concert Across America to End Gun Violence” go to:


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